….Where is Nicaragua?

Before we jump into what you can do in this beautiful country, lets talk about where Nicaragua actually is. People mistake Nicaragua as a state in Mexico, confuse it with the television network Nickelodeon, or assume that it’s a random country in Europe. Despite their confusion and misunderstanding, Nicaragua is located in Central America, below Honduras and El Salvador and above Costa Rica.

Nicaragua has to be one of the most overlooked, underrated and most beautiful countries in the world. As the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is known by its visitors and residents as “la tierra de lagos y volcanes,” or “the land of lakes and volcanoes.” The country is broken into fifteen departments, or states, each with different characteristics and traditions. Nicaraguans take their culture very seriously and commit themselves to the arts, especially literature, music and folkloric dancing.

A large and undying issue in Nicaragua is the government and its large opposing party views throughout the country. Nicaragua has faced tons of turmoil in the past 30 years from its government which has created an economic downturn and has affected the citizens faith and trust in their own country. Although Nicaragua has always been classified as a third world country, its leaders focus their money more on party promotion rather than rebuilding and beautifying the country. As a third world country, no one really considers travelling to Central America to visit poverty. Little do they know, Nicaragua’s tourism rate has grown 7% in the last three years because of its well known surf community and more.

I cannot wait to further delve into the beauty and history that is Nicaragua! Where did you think Nicaragua was?


3 responses

  1. Well done with info concerning Nicaragua. I think that in Finland we know best the geography. I know it of course, although I have not been there. I have visited only in Guatemala in Central America. That’s many years ago and I bought also one record presenting music of Nicaragua. One question: Are Cumbias know yet today in Nicaragua? Odd, question, but I love Cumbias. I tell from it in my About page.

    ¡Preciosa photo, que me gusta muchichíma!

    1. Christina Solorzano | Reply

      Hi! Yes, cumbias are very well known in Nicaragua! It’s not the main form of music, but it is heard of and listened to. I LOVE cumbia! Thank you for reading!

  2. Hi Christina. I like your blog. Please check out mine too: http://www.nicatourism.com

    Let me know what you think.

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