Cyber Cafe

Most Nicaraguans cannot afford cable or internet connection. Because of this, local citizens decided it would be a good idea to create “Cyber Cafe‘s,” also known as “ciber’s” in Nicaragua.

These cyber cafe’s consist of 10-20 computers, and I mean OLD SCHOOL computers and monitors, lined up inside of one of the living rooms in one of the homes in the neighborhood. All of these computers are linked up to one internet connection which sounds like the screeching internet connection from the 90s in America.

Don’t get confused by the word “cafe,” there is no coffee, drinks, or food offered. You will get lucky if you find a fan blowing air because of the stuffiness!

These internet cafe’s charge you $1 or more an hour, which is cheap for the average American but a struggle for those not fortunate enough to understand the connectivity that is the internet. There are quite some nice places with air conditioning, modern computers, and flat panel monitors. Every day, these internet cafes allow more and more people in Nicaragua to browse the internet.

How would you feel not being connected to the internet like Americans do at the palm of their hand? Would you find looking for cyber cafe’s to be inconvenient? Let me know in the comments below!


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