Isletas de Granada

The Isletas de Granada, or the Islands of Granada, are a group of up to 360 islands that are located in Lake Nicaragua right outside of the city of Granada. The islands are scattered along the peninsula and are a product of the eruption of the Mombacho volcano dating back to twenty thousand years. Most of the islands are home to rare and important species of birds as well as homes and residents.

Most of the islands are highly populated, mainly by business owners and Nicaraguan celebrities. The islands are private property and vacation homes to residents and tourists. There are hotels and shops located on a few islands.

Of course, the only way you can see the islands are by boat. Local residents offer boat tours and take you around the islands, lightly explaining who lives there and what rare animals and plants you can find. Some of the most beautiful homes reside in the Isletas, bought by the owners of Cafe Presto, a popular coffee brand and La Prensa, Nicaragua’s national newspaper.

Fun fact: There is a fortress built strategically one of the islands called the Fortress of San Pablo, built in the mid – 18th century to protect Granada from pirates and restored in 1974!!!

The isletas have to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Out of all of my visits to Nicaragua, that had to have been my favorite tourist attraction. The plant life is amazing! I have never seen so many beautiful plants. I also got to see my first monkey there and they were extremely tiny and cute but scary and weird at the same time!

What would you want to see on one of the islands in Granada? Is there any particular plant that you would want to see that could catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below!


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