Sports in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s national sport is baseball, and baseball only. Nicaraguans take their baseball extremely seriously and have only four national baseball teams. Baseball is one of the main activities that keep the country lively and intriguing. Children play in the streets with baseballs made of duct tape and thick sticks to use as bats. The four main teams are the Indios del Boer, Tigres del Chinandega, Leones de Leon, and the Orientales de Granada.

The United States Marines that were stationed in the country are credited for introducing the sport to the natives and it took off from there. After years of political issues in the country, the professional baseball league had to expire in the 1970s. The sport became popular once again in 2004 after the Nicaraguan civil war ended and helped keep children off the streets once again.

Although promised funding never went through by previous presidents, several professional Nicaraguan baseball players signed on to American teams have promised funding of their own. Out of the entire country, only eleven players total have ever played Major League Baseball. Everth Cabrera, Devern Hansack, Wilton Lopez and Vicente Padilla are the only four Nicaraguan players actively on teams in Major League Baseball.

Because of the large poverty rate stricken in Nicaragua, it is hard to keep teams and leagues continuing when there is absolutely no funding. Although the country loves their baseball and would love to attend games and participate, money always keeps them from getting involved. Baseball is also my favorite sport ever because my father, whom was born in Nicaragua, influenced my love for the sport. The stadiums in the country are not taken care of and very lackluster, as pictured above.

How would you feel if your favorite sport lost funding entirely? What would you do without your favorite sport? Let me know in the comments below!


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