Tropical Nicaragua

Nicaragua Weather - Blue skies in San Juan del SurNicaragua has a very large range of weather climates. It is definitely a place to check the weather before you go anywhere because one minute it’s blazing hot and humid and within seconds, it’s pouring rain and storming.

Nicaragua’s seasons are also completely different than America‘s. Winter runs through May to November, it’s rainiest in September and October. The summer is November to April, the best time to go to the country. In the mountains, the weather stays mainly cool, chilly and misty. The wet season is the best time of the year for surfers and water lovers, attracting thousands of surfers around the world. December and January have historically been the most popular travel months for tourists coming to Nicaragua because rain is very unlikely, the landscape is lush, and temperatures are very pleasant. The dry season can be very dry and also very windy. Visitors should have in mind that the weather in Nicaragua is also dependent on whether you are at the Pacific or the Atlantic coast and the times for dry and rainy season differ about one month with the Atlantic coast being one month ahead of the Pacific coast.

I have experienced both times of the year, both of which have left me either traumatized or excited about the weather. I have seen the worst thunderstorm and lightning has almost hit me, as well as see the best weather where it’s chilly and warm but can get scorching hot. Personally, I wouldn’t live there, but I do love noticing the weather every time I go.


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