Where’s the Water?

In a third world country like Nicaragua, a lot of homes don’t always have the luxury of having water at the turn of a handle at the faucet like we do in America. We are lucky enough to live in the states where we have water readily available.

In my most recent trip to Nicaragua in 2009, I noticed that a lot of homes had large tubs above their homes. I had no idea what was in these tubs, but I asked my uncle. He explained that in Nicaragua, they turn off the water supply after 8AM. These water tubs are used to supply water to certain homes that can afford them and are hooked up to the pipes that give water and will supply water throughout the day. They aren’t manually refilled with water by hand, but through the rain because the weather permits lots of rain throughout the year.

For those who unfortunately are not able to afford the water tubs, most people wake up early in the morning and fill up their own buckets and bowls of water to use throughout the day. They use cups to scoop the water out to wash dishes, bathe, clean the house, etc.

In your trip to Nicaragua, don’t be too surprised by Nicaragua’s water limitation. It’s another way not only to help the country save money, but to also help the country’s efforts to clean and sanitize their polluted lakes and lagoons rather than letting their people get water that way.


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