Alexis Arguello

Alexis Arguello is another and more recent figure of Nicaraguan history that the entire country adored and cherished. Known for his representation in boxing and three-time world champion, Arguello was known to be one of the best fighters of this era before he turned into a politician in Nicaragua.

In the 1980s, Arguello fought against the Contras in Nicaragua, but retired from the war after a few months in the jungle. He attempted to come out of retirement to go back to boxing but only had success at home.

Arguello found himself to be very involved in Nicaraguan politics after his retirement from boxing and was elected vice-mayor of Managua in 2004. Many people believed he was robbed of Mayorship against Eduardo Montealegre in 2008, as Arguello only missed the vote by 1%.

After much political turmoil, Arguello died around 1AM on July 1, 2009 after allegedly shooting himself through his heart in Managua. Reports now say that there could be some foul play involved before “shooting himself.” Many people close to Arguello say that he was fought against several times by those who were on Daniel Ortega, the presidents, side after threatening to leave the government.

Now, Alexis Arguello continues to be idolized and cherished throughout Nicaragua. After his passing in 2009, several Nicaraguans mourned his death around the country and the United States. Alexis Arguello will always be a very important figure in Nicaraguan history.


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