La Griteria

One large Nicaraguan tradition is called “La Griteria,” directly translated in English is called “the shouting,” which is a very loud and exciting celebration in Nicaragua.

Every December 7th at 6PM, you hear a yell resonating through the streets through different cathedrals and churches. What you hear is “Quien causa tanta alegria?” with a response “La Concepcion de Maria!” Which means “who causes so much happiness? Mary’s Conception!” This is something every Nicaraguan takes very seriously and with lots of pride and joy. You hear it EVERYWHERE, even in the United States.

At the same time, the residents start sending off fireworks and exploding firecrackers in the streets. It gets so noisy that one would assume that a war is going on!

During La Griteria, the Virgin Mary is honored. This celebration lets people thank the virgin for miracles that have happened throughout the year or future miracles. The faithful and religious decorate altars in their own homes where everyone can see to honor the Virgin. By 6PM sharp is when you hear thousands of Nicaraguans shouting or honoring to virgin so she can hear. At every altar, as song is sung and residents of the homes give out fruits, toys, and instruments to make noise. This goes until there is nothing left to give out.

This is a beautiful feat to see that everyone should experience. Even living in the United States my whole life, the griteria is still really prevalent amongst Nicaraguans in the community. Everyone knows everyone here, and someone is always celebrated the Virgin somewhere!

How would you react if you heard the shouting on your street? Would you freak out? I know I would!


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