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Ruben Dario

Ruben Dario is one of the most influential and biggest role models in Nicaraguan history. Every Nicaraguan person knows who Ruben Dario is. He was known as “The Father of Modernism.” Ruben Dario was known and idolized for his beautiful poetry that has resonated for generations in Nicaragua. To this day, students are required to know the history of Ruben Dario and recite his poetry.

Dario’s success began at the age of 13, where his first publication made it into a newspaper for the city of Rivas with the name of “Termometro.” Since his first publication, he was known throughout Nicaragua as their “child poet.” Congress of Nicaragua noticed Dario’s passion for poetry, so they sent him on a scholarship to study in Europe, which was eventually revoked because the President Pedro Joaquin Chamorro believed that his poetry was written to defy Dario’s family and the rest of the country. Continue reading →