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Alexis Arguello

Alexis Arguello is another and more recent figure of Nicaraguan history that the entire country adored and cherished. Known for his representation in boxing and three-time world champion, Arguello was known to be one of the best fighters of this era before he turned into a politician in Nicaragua.

In the 1980s, Arguello fought against the Contras in Nicaragua, but retired from the war after a few months in the jungle. He attempted to come out of retirement to go back to boxing but only had success at home.

Arguello found himself to be very involved in Nicaraguan politics after his retirement from boxing and was elected vice-mayor of Managua in 2004. Many people believed he was robbed of Mayorship against Eduardo Montealegre in 2008, as Arguello only missed the vote by 1%. Continue reading →


Fiestas Patronales – Day of the Saints

 Every year, Managua and all surrounding cities celebrate the “Fiestas Patronales,” or the celebrations dedicated to a saint. In Managua, they celebrate Santo Domingo de Guzman, or Saint Dominic. These are a very large and traditional celebration throughout the city, but each department in Nicaragua has their own saint they like to cherish and celebrate. There are men and women carrying a picture or statue of their prospective saint through the streets with dancers dancing around them and cars honking. Continue reading →

Ceramics & Pottery

Ceramics and pottery is a large and historical tradition in Nicaragua. The history of pottery dates back to the Spanish Conquest, 2,500 years ago. One city in particular celebrates and creates most of the pottery and ceramic goods in Nicaragua, called San Juan de Oriente, a city in the department of Masaya. San Juan de Oriente was previously named San Juan de los Platos because of the ceramics made by the city’s population. San Juan de Oriente has a large history of pottery making that continues to thrive today. Continue reading →

Hello Readers!

Hello, readers!

My name is Christina Solorzano and I am a public relations major with a minor in dance at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. I will be graduating from the university in December 2012 and hope to go to graduate school and earn my masters in mass communications or public relations.

This blog was created for my MCOM63 New Media class and I will inform you about the entertaining, fun and interesting things you can do while in Nicaragua. My entire family is from Nicaragua and I have visited several times in my life, with my first visit being when I was 9 months old. Out of my entire family, I am a first-generation born American but love the country my parents came from with all of my heart. I will guide you through the towns, villages, states and cities in Nicaragua and pinpoint important touristy locations in every place.

Feel free to leave me any ideas and fun tips as well!

Happy reading!