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La Purisima

Purisima altar in 2009celebration similar to La Griteria is La Purisima,  a separate celebration to the Virgin Mary.

During colonial times, the Spanish brought their catholic religion to Nicaragua. Every December, La Purisima is celebrated and is one of the most widespread celebrations. A very decorated and colorful altar is placed in a corner of the family home with a statue of the Virgin Mary. There are chairs arranged in front of the altar that will soon have tons of family members, friends and neighbors that were invited to celebrate La Purisima. Continue reading →


La Griteria

One large Nicaraguan tradition is called “La Griteria,” directly translated in English is called “the shouting,” which is a very loud and exciting celebration in Nicaragua.

Every December 7th at 6PM, you hear a yell resonating through the streets through different cathedrals and churches. What you hear is “Quien causa tanta alegria?” with a response “La Concepcion de Maria!” Which means “who causes so much happiness? Mary’s Conception!” This is something every Nicaraguan takes very seriously and with lots of pride and joy. You hear it EVERYWHERE, even in the United States. Continue reading →